Snagit 13 for Windows – English version


Snagit 13 for Windows – English version

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Snagit 13 from Techsmith was released in june, 2016.

This version is in English and for Windows

See description of the product in the below


Product Description

Snagit is a product from Techsmith.

  • It enables you to make a screenshot or capture video and audio output.
  • Snagit is available in English, German, Korean, and Japanese versions.
  • Snagit replaces the native print screen function with additional features.

Snagit features in latest release

Panoramic capture

  • Capture tall, wide or infinitely scrolling content using this innovative scrolling capture method


  • New, streamlined capture preset creation and use
  • Effects side panel with property drop Downs

  • Toggle between webcam and screen video during recording

  • All built-in webcams and standard USB webcams will be supported

  • Create a GIF from a video recording
  • Presets and custom GIF settings available
  • Option to “Fade to Black” on GIF start and end
  • Option to “Dither” GIF colors
  • Make GIF from a selection of a video
  • Saving and sharing via outputs to any destination that supports animated GIF.


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